What is a Cloud PBX Telephone System and How Can It Benefit My Business?

Operating a successful business is incredibly rewarding, but also comes with a number of costs. From renting space, paying employees, and buying stock and consumables; the long list of costs can be prohibitive to a start-up and affect the bottom line of an existing business.

As a business owner, you have a fiduciary duty to your investors and yourself to keep costs down and operate the business with as small overheads as possible.

Thankfully, advances in modern technology have created numerous opportunities for a business to make savings, from generating your own energy with solar panels and wind turbines to using local ‘ad-hoc’ courier services to cut down on delivery costs.

Using a Cloud PBX Telephone System can save businesses money and bring efficiencies to the
business that traditional telephony systems cannot offer.

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What is a PBX Cloud Telephone System?

Many businesses use a traditional phone system that requires them to rent one or more phone lines from a telephone company; often at exorbitant costs that increase annually. A cloud PBX phone system uses broadband or fiber internet to facilitate calls to and from the business, taking away the need for expensive independent telephone lines and an internal telephony system inside the business premises.

By using internet protocols like VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), businesses can do away with traditional phone systems and communicate with customers, vendors and colleagues using computer software. This not only reduces costs but also adds efficiencies and functionalities that traditional telephone systems cannot offer.

What Advantages Does a PBX Cloud System Have Over Traditional Telephone Systems?

Traditional telephone systems are limited by the functionality of the telephone itself. Some telephones may offer Caller ID or be able to store a small number of telephone numbers in a basic memory system, but that is about it.

A Cloud PBX System uses computer software that can be integrated with your company’s existing operating systems. This makes calling both colleagues and external numbers like vendors and customers incredibly simple. You can type the name of the person you want to speak to and the software does the rest; there is no need to remember numbers or update an address book or contact list.

The software can even distribute calls much more efficiently than a human-operated switchboard, so if your company deals with a large number of calls for sales and enquiries, the software can make sure calls are answered quickly rather than letting an unattended phone ring or pushing the call to a phone line that is already in use.

One of the major benefits of Cloud PBX allows you to work from anywhere which means you are not tied down to a specific location. The European Directive outlines Flexible working arrangements that suits employee’s needs for example, having flexible start and finish time.

What Else Can a Cloud PBX System Do?

The software that powers a Private Branch exchange Cloud system is feature-rich, offering call-screening, caller ID, group calling and conference calls, and even features like voicemail-to-email transcription; so if you are away from your desk or the premises, you can be emailed a copy of any messages left for you automatically and quickly.

More and more companies are making the switch from traditional telephone exchanges to Cloud PBX Systems. The advantages are clear, and the time and money they save help make your business more profitable while providing your customers with a better service that traditional systems can allow.

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Benefits of a Vision Voice Solution

  • A user-friendly online portal to customizable ring strategies that are configurable on the fly
  • Easy-to-set-up auto attendant menu enables callers to hear prompts and route themselves to the person they need
  • With mobile app, they are no longer tied to their desk and when people need to reach them, they can — regardless of where they are

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