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Culture is a shared goal pursued with passion.

VisionVoice’s entrepreneurial spirit set us apart from other companies. We take a hands-on- approach unique to guide our team through growth and change.

The story of how we started is the high point of our corporate office. VisionVoice invests in innovation — with its people and its solution. You don’t know where you’re are going until you know where you’ve been.

The VisionVoice Pillars

What does culture mean these days? Our team leaders took time to develop a set of benchmarks to base our team’s daily internally, interaction and externally. As a team we strive to embrace the best of these ideals and make them part of every day.

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Give an everlasting sense of urgency.

The tenacity to overcome obstacles.

Constantly pursue excellence.

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Assume personal responsibility.

Be fearless in the face of the unknown.

You can be the cause and the solution.

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Embrace the ever-evolving nature of what we do.

Listen to understand, not react.

Seek innovative solutions.

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Put the goals of the team first.

Sharing of knowledge.

Success is the result of the team effort.

Leadership is the ability to have other’s follow you by choice