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One of the fascinating things about running a business is the freedom you have at every stage. You are free to determine your processes, define your workflows, set objectives you want to achieve, and craft a truly unique experience for your customers. With different internal workflows come different communications needs.

Why settle for a communication platform that forces you to change your workflows to a standardised one when you can have a unified communications suite that adapts to yours? Every business has unique needs and requirements, and VisionVoice is here to meet those specific needs.

The Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution from VisionVoice is meant to be as flexible as it can be. You can use it as a standalone solution or combine it with other services we offer, including our Cloud PBX and Virtual Call Centre, to better suit your specific needs. More importantly, you can refine every detail about your communications suite.

Design for Effectiveness

VisionVoice’s take on flexibility is based on delivering one huge advantage: giving you the ability to design your communications suite for maximum effectiveness. You can adapt our system to your specific business requirements, from how your sales executives communicate to the way different departments exchange information.

The solutions are also compatible with different industry needs, businesses with multiple locations, an infinite number of users, and a wide range of hardware. You are not limited to proprietary tools or branded hardware at all, which means you can create a communications system that takes your operational efficiency and effectiveness to a whole new level.

Cost-wise, flexibility is a huge plus. Rather than paying for tools and services you don’t use you can invest more in the ones you can maximize or choose to save the money for other investments. There is no initial investment to worry about, and no long-term costs to mitigate. One monthly fee and you have all your communications needs covered.

Scale Up Like a Large Corporation

VisionVoice provides services to businesses of different scales with flexibility in mind. As mentioned before, you can meet your communications needs without making big investments or absorb high running costs. At the same time, you can start small and benefit from a communications suite that grows alongside your business.

For example, you can start with a simple Cloud PBX or SIP trunking, add more users and lines along the way, before transitioning to a unified communications suite or adding a virtual call centre, all without having to re-implement the communications system from scratch.

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