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General Questions

Who is VisionVoice?

Vision Voice makes it simple for small to medium businesses (SMBs) to communicate. By integrating powerful UC, cloud PBX and collaboration features with virtual contact centres in one Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform, Vision Voice delivers enterprise-class features at affordable rates. Connected to Vision Voice’s hosting infrastructure and secure, redundant network, the platform provides SMBs secure connection with customers with any device anytime, and anywhere.

Why should I choose VisionVoice?

We are an industry leader in Business Phone technology. But compared to some of our major competitors more importantly your business can save up to 70% by using our phone service.

What is VoIP and how does it work?

Vision Voice uses VoIP Technology. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology simply put means any analogue audio signals transmitted from your telephone are then changed into digital data. This data is then transferred via the Internet. VoIP is similar to a standard phone but with one crucial difference – how the phone call actually reaches your business. By substituting the use of expensive telephone company wiring, VoIP sends your telephone calls directly to your phone via a high-speed internet connection.

The difference is, when using the phone company’s wires, you don’t need to pay a huge bill. Is it reliable?

Vision Voice uses nationwide fault-tolerant networks with built-in redundancy, delivered with 99.99% annual uptime as a reliable leader in telecommunications.

Can we keep our current business phone number?

Absolutely! This isn’t a problem for Vision Voice. We know how important your phone number is to your business.

What do I do if I want to give feedback on the customer service I received?

Simply e-mail any feedback on customer support to

Will receiving or making calls be different from before?

No, you won’t notice any difference. Actually, many users forget that they moved to Vision Voice, only to be reminded when they get the reduced bill.

What is my next step if I need a new phone system for my business?

For help simply call 020 7822 2399 to speak to one of our business specialists who will take you through all of the options you have.

Am I in charge of buying a new phone system and the company I work for is moving. Are you able you help?

Absolutely. We are experts in helping companies move. We can save you up to 70% and take your phone system to another level. You’ll be a hero in your bosses’ eyes.

PBX Questions

What is a cloud based phone system?

A cloud phone system is normally a phone system hosted or stored in the cloud (server or Internet network) replacing hardware in your office. There is no need to store and purchase obsolete hardware at your workplace when using the cloud. Take advantage of all of this hardware on the Vision Voice cloud! Hosting them on the Internet and using all the features of an Analog PBX allows a greater level of flexibility and ease of use. All of the features exist on the Vision Voice network, which removes the need for a PBX onsite. Therefore, any building connected to the internet can be turned into an office. It can be a warehouse, home or coffee shop, just as long as there is an endpoint and internet connection. You can also adjust configurations to your service from a web portal with Vision Voice Cloud PBX. The employees in your company can also work from anywhere and all be managed using the Cloud PBX system.

Why do I want a cloud phone system?
  • It’s cheaper – It’s not as expensive than standard phone lines
  • Setup is easy – No need for expensive hardware cables and wires, in a cupboard
  • Saves your company time – Standard phones systems are high maintenance.
  • Advanced features – All of the hi-tech features that sit in the cloud and made available to you are constantly being updated.
  • Remote features – You can work offsite or use your mobile phones.
If I switch to Vision Voice Cloud PBX can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes, absolutely! Vision Voice can move your number over from your existing service provider.

To switch to the Vision Voice Cloud PBX what do I need?

At Vision Voice we will take care of everything, providing you with everything from phones to bandwidth. Vision Voice is your one stop shop for a hosted PBX solution.

Are there any licensing fees or maintenance fees?

Many of the features are free, and you can easily add premium features as we roll them out.

Can I use my own phones?

Vision Voice performs large interop testing with the major IP phone manufacturers (Polycom & Cisco) to offer a full scope of support for these devices. We also have ATA devices that can be used with existing analogue phone devices.

What happens if in the middle of the night something breaks or I need assistance in configuring my settings?

Support staff at Vision Voice are on call and available during business hours. Simply raise a ticket for out of hours work through the support portal. We have staff based in the India, UK, Spain and Dubai. Vision Voice also uses monitoring equipment to help determine if your network is down.

Can the Cloud PBX service my company which has several locations all over the world?

Yes! This is where Vision Voice Cloud PBX excels in. You can have many locations across the globe. Or even people working from home. No matter where they are Vision Voice Cloud PBX delivers all of the great phone features to them.

Can Vision Voice Cloud PBX help if I have many employees on the go with mobile phones?

Absolutely, you can take our service with you. Everything is in the cloud which means you can be on the go and still take advantage of all of the great features on offer from Vision Voice.

SIP Trunking Questions

What are the advantages of SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunks are less expensive than old analogue circuits that standard enterprise phone systems use. By exceeding or maintaining the level of call quality that businesses expect from their phone service they save you money too.

Can I keep my existing phone number with VisionVoice SIP Trunking?

Absolutely, Vision Voice can move your number over from your existing service provider.

What happens if in the middle of the night something breaks or I need assistance in configuring my settings?

The support staff at Vision Voice are on call during business hours. Any out of hours requests require you to simply raise ticket through our support portal. We have support staff in India, UK, Spain and Dubai. Vision Voice also has monitoring equipment allowing us to determine if your network is down.

Will my PBX work with VisionVoice?

The Vision Voice network has been built out to comply with a variety of SIP devices.

What about faxing?

We support reliable fax over IP as Vision Voice’s network is fully T.38 compliant.

How much bandwidth does it take?

Generally, a call using G.711 will use 84k of bandwidth. Which means that over a T1 connection you could have 18 concurrent G711 calls running. We also provide a lower bandwidth codec, G729, that only needs 19k of bandwidth per call, giving you an astonishing 81 concurrent calls over that same T1 but only if your PBX supports it.

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