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Are you queued up to talk to your customers?

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Web-based, platform integration with VisionVoice unified communications allows virtual call centers that utilize remote users

Setting up a call centre is a tedious process. You have to buy lots of lines, set up an internal PBX system, and invest in a call centre management system to get started. These steps are not enough to get the call centre off the ground either because you still need a way for operators to work together, a capable CRM system, and more.

VisionVoice Virtual Call Centre is specifically designed to eliminate the tedious process of setting up a call centre. Instead of making a big investment and going through the necessary steps, you can fast forward to logging into the virtual call centre platform for the first time to get started.

As part of VisionVoice’s UCaaS solution, VisionVoice Virtual Call Centre comes fully integrated with all the tools you need to service your customers. Since you no longer have to worry about setting up the call centre or maintaining its smooth operations, you can direct resources towards the thing that matters – delivering superb customer service.

What can a virtual call center do for your business?

Improve the customer’s experience with:

  • Historical call reporting
  • Real- time analytics
  • Call routing by day, time, queue and customer service representative (CSR) ability
  • Whisper, barge, monitor capabilities
  • Easily to maneuver admin panel for changes and additions

Get started with a Virtual Call Center

All the Tools You Need

Out of the box, VisionVoice Virtual Call Centre comes with every tool you need, starting with a smart call routing system to handle your customers. Calls are filtered and routed according to predetermined parameters; the system can be adjusted to handle spikes and to ensure that customers get the help they need at any time.

There are built-in analytics and reporting tools for measuring the performance of your call centre. Aside from real-time analytics, VisionVoice Virtual Call Centre also provides access to the bigger picture – also in real-time – so that managers can make data-driven decisions and maintain service levels across the board.

There are even tools for monitoring ongoing calls, for providing operators with information, and to take over calls completely. All of these tools are accessible via an intuitive administrative panel designed to work with different user levels. Advanced user management comes built-in to allow for a meticulous setup from the beginning.

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Closer to the Customers

Understanding key metrics is an important part of understanding customer satisfaction and relying on sales as the primary metric to monitor is no longer enough. The way customers interact with your business (and your brand) also affects their satisfaction level. This is where the VisionVoice Virtual Call Centre analytics tool comes in handy.

With more detailed metrics monitored in real-time, you can turn to your administrative panel to learn more about call queue health. Customers can rate their experience from start to finish, and you can learn so much about their objective ratings. There are even ways to customise how you measure customer satisfaction to better suit your business needs.

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Advanced Call Queue Management

Real-time analytics are available for multiple call queues, giving managers plenty of opportunities to improve customer satisfaction at every turn. VisionVoice delivers data on key metrics about your call queues, including:

Calls – the number of calls in a queue or within a predetermined period

Answered and abandoned – an important metric for measuring the success rate of your call centre

Speed of answer – how quickly a customer support officer connects with the customers

Average call duration – the duration of customers’ calls

Other metrics such as Hold Before Answer and Timeout Calls are also monitored to add depth and dimension to the analytics system. As a result, you can understand more about the performance customer support officers and how happy your customers really are.

How you use these metrics to measure success – and how you define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is entirely up to you. After all, VisionVoice Virtual Call Centre is designed to adapt to your specific business needs, not the other way around.

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The simplified, intuitive interface ensures rapid training and ease of use