UCaaS Solution from Vision Voice

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Vision Voice offers a UCaaS Solution with easy to use Enterprise VoIP Capabilities

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Search contacts and view their availability

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Mobile caller ID matches office phone identity

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides a suite of enterprise level communications features to help employees communicate with each other more effectively. An enterprise-grade communications suite doesn’t have to be complicated to integrate – or expensive, for that matter. One of the many benefits of unified communications is enjoying the best communications features and tools without the steep price tag.

At Vision Voice our UCaaS solutions bring your business communications into the cloud, taking them to a whole new level. Features like presence and instant messaging come as standard where you get to benefit from voice and other communication layers over IP. It is even scalable and flexible, meaning the unified communications solution we provide will grow alongside your business.

An Effective and Efficient UCaaS Solution

With no initial investment, and low running costs Vision Voice’s UCaaS can be used anywhere as a lean start-up solution making it a highly effective and efficient collaborative tool.

Business communications at YOUR fingertips, another way to save.

At the same time, it gives you access to advanced tools and features that large enterprise companies are benefiting from. You get cloud PBX and internal messaging integrated seamlessly. You even have advanced user controls and a virtual call centre for a better user experience.

What can UCaaS do for you?

New functionality and features are added automatically leaving your IT department to concentrate on your core business without worrying about any future updates.

What else can Vision Voice’s UCaaS solution do?

The benefits of unified communications in the cloud don’t stop there. VisionVoice also integrates features such as:

  • Comprehensive contacts management with search and common contacts
  • Find Me feature for automatic routing for calls and messages
  • Integrated web-based control easy access from anywhere and at any time
  • Detailed reports and analytics, including reports for individual employees
  • Seamless integration of extra features such as the aforementioned virtual call centre

These benefits are yours from the moment you begin using UCaaS from Vision Voice. No complicated setup process, no expensive hardware to purchase; simply get your UCaaS suite running in the cloud to get started.

Unified Communications on the Go

Running unified communications in the cloud also comes with an added benefit: you get to take it with you no matter where you go. The system natively supports mobile devices through apps designed to be easy to use. Once connected, you enjoy access to the same set of features no matter where you are.

Calls are automatically routed to your mobile device – and the mobile devices of employees – without disrupting users’ experience. Contacts and directories remain accessible the whole time, and all employees can communicate as if they are using their office phones, even when working remotely. To top it all off, all data and communications are managed securely and in a centralised way.

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“Soft phone” app enables IP calls via computer

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Keep messages within the VisionVoice system and away from personal devices