Cloud Based PBX for Small Business Just Makes Sense

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It’s never been easier for businesses or individuals to set up enterprise-class services than it is now when using the cloud.

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A cloud PBX phone solution for a small business provides an enterprise-level experience for inbound routing and outbound calls. The service provider will host it in the data centre’s facilities as opposed to hosting it onsite, allowing it to function without an operator. This means that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) won’t need to purchase, install or maintain their own system.

When cloud based PBX phone systems first came into the market, they appealed to SMBs mainly for their cost saving benefits compared to premises-based phone system. They required small capital expenditure or costly software updates and provided less-expensive international VoIP long distance calling plans.

The technology has improved considerably since then, and now not only offers budgetary benefits and many other advantages but drives productivity and enhances communications in today’s competitive business environment.

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5 reasons why a cloud based PBX can increase productivity for a small business

  1. Improved reliability and business continuity: A premises-based phone system, telephone service can go down during a disaster such as a fire, storm or power outage, impacting communications with vendors, partners, and customers and the bottom line. Using virtual PBX, the infrastructure is protected in a hosted environment enabling users to route or transfer calls to remote offices or cell phones easily.
  2. Empowered remote workers: As telecommuting increases many UK employees are now working remotely. For many companies, remote work is moving from perk to business strategy in order to meet business goals. Ultimately helping organizations reduce their operating costs, expand into new markets, and improve worker satisfaction. Moreover, it offers a remote work option that is becoming an essential retention and hiring tool, nowadays. A hosted PBX for a small business allows remote workers the ability to set up offices easily and with immediate access to a phone system.
  3. Enhanced scalability and flexibility: Cloud PBX, allows companies to accommodate new business locations and employees easily by adding as many extensions needed to facilitate this requirement. The same applies to features as well. During busy times, SMBs have the ability to add calling features that will maximize productivity and increase call-taking efficiency. For example, call groups allow incoming calls to ring on any number of extensions and if necessary, have the capability to deactivate extensions too. With a cloud PBX you only pay for the extensions you need and for as long as you need them, unlike legacy phone systems.
  4. Lowered overhead: Since the core phone system resides in the cloud and managed by professionals, SMBs won’t need to worry about having experts in-house to manage software updates or troubleshoot issues. It’s all done ‘behind the scenes’ ensuring that the system’s software is always up to date. In addition to this, a cloud PBX system and its features can be managed and administered by anyone in your organization via an easy-to-use interface, allowing your IT personnel to stay focused on more important duties.
  5. Increased mobility: Cloud PBX solutions for small businesses provide features that allow employees to log in from anywhere, giving revenue-producing and customer-facing employees greater control over their productivity. Cloud PBXs easily integrate with other cloud-based solutions and applications including Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), that give mobile employees seamless access to CRM, ERP and collaboration tools, and all the features and functionality they need to work just as efficiently as if they were in the office.

Cloud PBX is a solution that is both affordable and sophisticated.  It presents many options for a small business providing a reliable and robust business phone system that is easy to deploy and administer. Requiring little maintenance, it allows people to work wherever and whenever they want, automatically providing updates to deliver the latest innovations in PBX features and functionality. With all these advantages, is it any surprise that cloud PBX deployments grew 450 percent from 2010 to 2017?

Vision Voice can help your company with an award-winning cheap cloud pbx for small business, delivering enterprise-class features to SMBs. Call us today for a free demo and we’ll show you how you can instantly access powerful features, redundancy and scalability.

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