Measuring Customer Satisfaction from Virtual Call Centre KPIs

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Provide better customer support by keeping an eye on key metrics.

User experience and customer satisfaction are the two most important things to focus on as a business. Maintaining a positive user experience is how you win the hearts of your customers and build a stronger relationship with them. Customer satisfaction, on the other hand, is how you retain customers for a long period of time.

Unfortunately, these two things aren’t always easy to measure. It is not always easy to spot dissatisfied customers or to recognise disruptions in their experience with your business. Even worse, it is often too late to learn about what’s causing customers to stop doing business with you when they already made the decision to leave.

Rather than trying to solve the difficult challenge of knowing exactly when customers aren’t happy with your products and services, it is actually much easier to pay attention to their satisfaction level across the customer journey. This means keeping an eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) in several endpoints, including in after-sales service.

Providing Good Customer Service

Before we get to the metrics and KPIs to monitor, let’s take a look at how you can establish a reliable customer service through a virtual call centre. Vision Voice’s Virtual Call Centre makes setting up public numbers for offering customer support easy. The system integrates well with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) suite, and it is available out of the box.

With the Vision Voice Virtual Call Centre, you offload the burden of investing in a call centre management system and multiple lines. You can instead focus on developing capable customer support officers, creating SOPs and workflows for ensuring customer satisfaction and managing the day-to-day operations of the call centre.

Vision Voice Virtual Call Centre comes with a handful of features that are specifically crafted for higher customer satisfaction. Whisper, for instance, allows managers to privately help customer support officers mid-call. Managers can also join the conversation if needed. These features help customers get the resolution they seek faster and more effectively.

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Understanding the KPIs

Vision Voice Virtual Call Centre comes with a dashboard that offers a wide range of metrics. The dashboard doesn’t just grant access to quality insights and reports, but also provide access to real-time analytics and key metrics. A quick glance at a dashboard for any line and you can quickly identify potential problems, spot effective support officers, and manage the entire call centre better.

While there are a lot of metrics that can be accessed from the dashboard, the key performance indicators to monitor are more specific, especially when your objective is boosting customer satisfaction. Those KPIs are:

  • Speed of Answer: Customers expect a speedy response when calling a customer support number, so long waiting times before an answer is not acceptable. It hurts the customer experience and damages your business reputation too. However, the speed of answer is more dimensional than that. You can dig deeper into why customer support officers or CSOs answer customers’ calls slowly. The more you understand the cause, the better solutions
    you will have in the end.
  • Average Call Duration: The length of customers’ calls is also a key metric to track. Shorter calls are usually better, but only when the calls end with the customers getting their problems resolved. Once again, this is a multi-dimensional metric that says a lot about customer satisfaction. Combined with other metrics such as frequency of calls, you can learn so much about your customers’ satisfaction level.
  • Abandoned Call Rate. As the name suggests, this metric depicts calls that are abandoned before customers can reach a CSO. Abandoned calls are closely related to your customers’ decision to stop engaging with your business, so it is an important KPI to focus on indeed. High abandoned call rates signal issues with staffing and the way your call centre operates. It is also a signal to expand your call centre in some situations.
  • Hold Before Answer: Hold time is a satisfaction killer; no one likes to be told to wait, especially when there is an issue to be solved. Longer waiting times could also lead to higher abandoned call rates, which is a clear signal of frustrated customers not getting the level of service they expect from your business. You can introduce features like self-service lines to minimise hold times and improve the workflow of your call centre.
  • Hold Time Before Abandon: As an added depth, you can use Hold Time Before Abandon to tweak your Vision Voice Virtual Call Centre – and your CSOs – further. If you know that customers, on average, abandon their calls after waiting for two minutes, you can begin adjusting the way calls are prioritised and add more CSOs to bring the hold time closer to one minute. It is an easy way to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Timeout Calls: This last metric shows a specific thing: the number of calls dropped because you run out of lines and the maximum waiting time is hit. It simply means that your call centre can no longer handle the number of calls you receive from customers and that it is time to consider improving how calls are routed, integrating automation, and adding more CSOs to the team.
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From these KPIs, it is easy to see interaction points that may frustrate the customers the most. From metrics like call duration – combined with post-call surveys of the customers – you can also measure the overall satisfaction level of your customers.

If you think taking steps to optimise for better KPIs isn’t worth it, think again. There are two reasons why improving customer service is a must. First of all, Vision Voice’s Virtual Call Centre lets you optimise the key metrics and puts control in your hands. You can stop worrying about infrastructure and start focusing on the support team itself.

Second of all, the cost of delivering great customer service – and a positive experience – is far lower than the cost of acquiring new customers. It is also worth noting that unhappy customers can now post negative reviews and hurt your business even more.

Why risk losing customers when you can have a capable, customer-oriented call centre helping your customers stay satisfied?

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