VisionVoice Communicator


Communicate anytime anyplace with VisionVoice Communicator Phone Buddy.

Handle one-on-one and team messaging, SMS, and phone calls — right from your desktop.

The Phone Buddy is an application that sits in the system tray of your Windows
PC and provides a number of productivity features such as:

  • Enhance team productivity with one desktop app for calls, text messages and alerts
  • Screen pop ups on your computer that show when you have an incoming call or Voice mail and who the call is from
  • Access your company directory to reach your colleagues for a quick chat or call
  • See teammate availability with presence; know whether colleagues are available or on a call
  • Integration with certain third party CRM services (e.g. Salesforce) to identify callers by name
  • Immediate access to your portal website with no need to log in
  • Screen calls by viewing callers’ numbers; choose to accept or reject calls
  • Through push notifications, users are notified of new calls when the app is running in the background
  • Stay organized by creating a favorites list with individuals or groups you communicate with the most
  • See your recent history and archived communication history
  • Immediate access to today’s received calls
  • Immediate access to unread Voice mail messages
  • Call Recording downloads, file verification and deletion (for the Company Administrator’s account with a Gold subscription only)

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See teammate availability with presence; know whether colleagues are available or on a call.

System Requirements

Phone Buddy will only operate with Microsoft Windows based systems with XP SP 3 (and above) installed.


The first task is to set up Phone Buddy to your particular requirements. This panel allows you to set a number of parameters governing the way inbound
call notifications will be flagged to you.

Phone Buddy Activity

This menu item allows you to view the calls you have received or missed today and any new Voice mails that have been received today.

Desktop notifications

The Phone Buddy application icon should now appear in your system tray.

Call number

You can also initiate Click-2-Talk calls directly using this Phone Buddy menu item. It can be used in one of two ways – either just click on the ‘Call number…’ menu to show a panel where you can type in a number. Alternatively, you can first copy a phone number from any web page and subsequently, on clicking the ‘Call number…’ menu, the panel will show with the number pre-filled.