VisionVoice Mobile App Overview

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Be anywhere. Work anywhere.

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Send and receive individual or group text messages from your work number

From your work number send and receive group or individual text messages

Warm/blind transfer calls to any work extension or number

Handle team messaging and one-on-one, phone calls, and SMS — right from your browser. Initiate a text, SMS, call from any PC by logging into our web-based client on both MAC and PC. Answer, transfer or screen, calls, and get notifications of chat and voice activities.

The Vision Voice Mobile App lets end users appear as though they are using a business phone number, and place calls from their mobile device. Calls are enabled over the phone’s mobile network or Wi-Fi. From their phone users can transfer calls at their desk to their mobile or tablet and vice versa simply by using their transfer feature. As the Vision Voice mobile app is so easy to use you can now stay on top of all your calls even when you are away from your desk.

What you can do on mobile

  • Receive/make calls using your Vision Voice service
  • From your work number receive and send group or individual text messages
  • In addition to the audio file you can view a transcription of voicemail
  • Sync your personal contacts with the contact list for ease of use
  • Blind/warm transfer calls to any work extension or number
  • Record calls, listen and store to recorded files in calls history
  • 3 way calling lets you conduct conference calls wherever you are
  • Seamless switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi
  • While on a call, view signal strength and reliability information
  • To stop the app from ringing simply turn on or schedule Do Not Disturb
  • Differentiate work calls by customizing your ringtones to
  • Forward calls with one click of a button
  • View call statistics and talk times for specific time periods with usage metrics
  • View your entire missed calls, call history, and recorded calls
  • Video call to other users

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Warm/blind transfer calls to any number or work extension