SIP Trunking features

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Keep your current infrastructure
and still get the benefit of the cloud.

VisionVoice SIP Trunking features

  • Call recording
  • Feature control access (level of management)
  • Manage hosted & SIP under one account
  • Network consolidation — voice & internet on one network
  • Cost efficient with ROI on CAPEX

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What our customers say…

“Our migration to VisionVoice went very smoothly! No complaints from me whatsoever! And staff training was a breeze. I would totally recommend VisionVoice. This is my third hosted PBX and by far my favorite.”

Josh Sebrowski, Director of Technology

“The demonstration was great. I’ve been around long enough to know that “listed feature” doesn’t always equal “usable feature” but now I feel confident that the features we need are implemented in a way that works well.”

Joseph Bundy, Technology and Maintenance Coordinator

“The owner’s very pleased with the phone system. Crystal clear sound. She is also finding out how many calls were not being picked up by the staff. She is alerted to voicemails via email. And in the old phone system, the calls just were not being tracked. They were limited to three lines coming in. Now there are no limits. She’s loving it!”

Alan Rutkiewicz, Referral Partner
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