Acceptable Use

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The intent of Quality Speaks LLC dba VisionVoice (“VisionVoice”) Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is improving the use of the VisionVoice services by proactively preventing unacceptable use. All VisionVoice customers and customers of VisionVoice customers or any downstream customers including visitors of customers using VisionVoice services must comply with this AUP.

As a user of VisionVoice, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age (or have permission from a parent or guardian to use this service) and will abide by the policies of VisionVoice. VisionVoice may cooperate with legal authorities and/or third parties in the investigation of any alleged or suspected civil wrong or crime. Violating any of the terms listed in this AUP may result in termination or suspension of your account without notice. VisionVoice reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


The following are violations or VisionVoice’s AUP:

  • Illegal Use: As a user of VisionVoice, you agree not to use the service in a manner that violates any state, federal or local law.
  • Harm to Others: Using the services to harm others, as part of but not restricted to minors.
  • Harassment and Threats: You agree never to use the service for profane, abusive, slanderous, libelous, threatening or otherwise harassing calls.
  • Fraudulent Activity: Making use of the service to participate in or make fraudulent activity alongside financial scams.
  • Trademark or Copyright Infringement: Using the service to communicate any material that infringes any trademark, copyright, trade secret, patent, or other propriety rights of a third party.
  • Collection of Personal Data: Using the Services to gather, or attempt to gather, personal information about third parties without their consent or knowledge.
  • Reselling the Services: Reselling the Services without VisionVoice’s authorization.


For every billing cycle, when Subscriber’s attempt outbound calls (as well as calls made that are less than 6 seconds) and exceed calls that they complete by a factor of three (3) or more, VisionVoice reserves the right to charge an additional £.003 per call attempt for each call completed, attempted or not, during that billing period. We calculate this ratio towards the end of each monthly billing cycle, based on the ASR over the whole billing period.


VisionVoice reserves the right to revise, modify or amend this AUP and our other agreements and policies in any manner and at any time. Notice of any amendment, modification or revision will be displayed in compliance with the customer’s Master Service Agreement.