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What does scalability mean to an SMB?

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Growth is an exciting part of running a business. Hiring your first employee, moving from a home office to a bigger space, and transitioning from free cloud services to your own cloud cluster are all exciting moments to cherish; they are clear signs of business growth, and signs of more things to come.

At the same time, growth can be very challenging. There are barriers to break through, many of them are related to cost. Moving from a consumer cloud storage to a cloud infrastructure of your own, for instance, used to be difficult due to the costly nature of the transition.

Setting up your business – and the solutions supporting it – to be scalable is the way to go. Rather than being hampered by the need for a big investment, high running costs, and unmanageable overheads, you benefit from leaner operations by being scalable.

The Scalable Approach

Measurable, intuitive, and sustainable; these are the key characteristics of scalable business growth. Traditionally, you invest in expensive hardware, buy into enterprise-grade solutions, and begin absorbing high operational costs to earn the potential of growth. By surviving these challenges, your business can reach a break-even point and begin benefiting from these large investments.

In the old days, this is how you grow your business. That’s no longer the case today. Thanks to solutions in the cloud – and the nature of cloud computing itself – you only need to pay for the tools, features, services, and resources you need. More importantly, you can choose to use more (and pay more) at any point.

The communications solutions from VisionVoice are designed to be as scalable as they can be. Rather than paying for 24 channels in a T1 PRI setup, for example, you can set up a Cloud PBX as part of VisionVoice’s Unified Communications as a Service and start with as few as five lines. You still get the benefits of having a PBX system and you can maintain the option to integrate SIP trunking..

Scale Up = Growth

There are clear benefits of using scalable communications solutions such as cloud PBX, starting with the increase in productivity you immediately get from implementing the system. Cloud PBX is designed to be very robust, easy to manage, and easy to implement. It works with existing PBX hardware and requires minimum adjustment to internal workflows.

Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS is substantially more flexible, offering added capabilities like Virtual Call Centre and collaborative platform without any initial investment. You pay for a monthly service and gain access to all the tools you need in a scalable way.

Recruiting more employees? Expanding your business to new locations? We have you covered. Running in the cloud, VisionVoice’s communications solutions are always ready for new challenges.

You can assign new locations, add more lines, manage departments and employees, and scale up your Cloud PBX in just a couple of clicks; you even have an entire support team ready to help you grow your business in a measurable, intuitive, and sustainable way.

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