How UCaaS Will Change the Way People Work in the EU

Gender equality is a very important issue and one that has risen to global prominence in the last few years. Countries around the world are looking for ways to improve the work-life balance of their citizens, with particular focus being given in many places to new parents. The European Union has made gender equality one of its core principles, and the new EU directive on work-life balance makes special provisions for flexible working hours.

Cloud technologies, such as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), will be integral to ensuring that workers are able to perform all their duties remotely. Businesses also need to start preparing to ensure they have the infrastructure in place to support the requirements of the new directive.

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UCaaS European Flexible Home Working Directive

The Flexible Home Working Directive is replacing the EU Parental Leave Directive and will replicate many of its goals, such as ensuring that new mothers are able to return to work when they are ready. It will also attempt to ensure that all workers have access to more flexible working conditions. Both employers and employees can benefit from more flexible working arrangements.

UCaaS is the perfect tool for both employers and their workers to ensure that flexible working is as straightforward and painless as possible.


Collaboration is an important part of business, especially for those that operate across the EU. UCaaS packages from a business like Vision Voice are designed to integrate with existing systems and enable businesses to start taking advantage of unified communications as quickly and painlessly as possible.

This means that employees who are on leave but wish to return to work via a flexible working arrangement will be able to take advantage of UCaaS without having to learn how to use new software packages.


It isn’t just new parents who can benefit from flexible working arrangements. A business that uses a UCaaS solution may come to embrace flexible remote working as a way of saving money. A business can reduce their overheads by enabling employees to work from home.

The Ethereal Office

UCaaS can be combined with other cloud technologies to create a cohesive business that has only a minimal presence as a physical office. With the ability to hear and see your colleagues clearly even when they are in another country or time-zone, physical office space is no longer the automatic top priority of a new business. Existing businesses can move some or all of their operations to the cloud and do away with the office entirely if they desire.

Effective Collaboration with UCaaS

With UCaaS in place, businesses can enable their workers to collaborate effectively without even being in the same room. Good communications are essential to fruitful collaboration and the right UCaaS package will greatly facilitate the collaborative process.

Happier, Healthier Workers

Finally, by enabling businesses and employees to take advantage of the flexible working provisions in the new directive, UCaaS can be the foundation upon which happier and healthier businesses are built. Achieving a healthier work-life balance is at the heart of the new directive and UCaaS will be an integral part of delivering on that promise.

UCaaS has shown itself to be one of the most important cloud technologies there is. With the new EU directive, there is a golden opportunity for UCaaS providers to play a central role in creating the workplaces of the future.

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