How to Cut Communications Costs with SIP Trunking?

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Replace PR1 and T1 trunks and save up to 70% monthly.

Traditional connections such as the T1 and PRI are no longer the most efficient way of managing communications in a business and integrating with systems like PBX. While you can get multiple lines with these connection options, they are less cost-effective compared to newer solutions. SIP

Trunking is becoming increasingly popular for its cost-effectiveness and the many benefits it offers. For starters, SIP Trunks support not only voice communications but also video and web. It uses Internet Protocol or IP as the primary connection, placing it outside of traditional phone lines and allowing businesses to implement SIP Trunking to reduce dependency on T1s and PRIs.

It is also more scalable since you don’t have to buy lines in packages of 24. You can use as little as five SIP Trunks for everything from internal communications to long-distance calling. This is where SIP’s cost-effectiveness becomes incredibly rewarding for businesses. It offers different ways to cut
communications costs using this technology alone.

How Can You Save With SIP Trunking?

Sound interesting so far? It gets better — here are ways you can cut your communications spend with SIP Trunking:

  • It’s More Affordable: The first way to save on communications costs with SIP Trunking is by switching to SIP Trunking. It is substantially more affordable than traditional phone lines, allowing you to save on every line you use by migrating alone. That substantial saving means your move to SIP Trunking basically pays for itself.
  • Little to No Initial Investment: Transitioning to SIP Trunking does not require you to invest heavily in new hardware or expensive solutions. The SIP Trunking solution from VisionVoice is available for a small monthly fee, and it can be integrated directly with your existing PBX system. You don’t even need to make big changes to your workflows because SIP Trunking works the way traditional phone lines work; it works even better thanks to its use of IP-based connections.
  • Reduced Connection Costs: Aside from not having to buy lines in large numbers, you also save on the connection costs when you migrate to SIP Trunking. While T1 trunks can be very expensive, SIP trunks let you save up to 70% on your connection costs. It doesn’t stop there either. As mentioned before, you only need to pay for the concurrent lines you use, and not the lines you buy in bundles. If you do use 23 lines, you pay for 23 lines. If your business only uses five lines,
    however, you save by not having to pay for the unused 18 lines.
  • Free Internal Calls: Since all calls are made via IP (using Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP), internal calls running through on-site networks are free of charge. VisionVoice takes it a step further by offering free internal calls across different locations too. This cost advantage alone is more than enough reason to switch to SIP Trunking. Free internal calls are great for saving money and boosting productivity, all while maintaining smooth operations (and
    operational reliability)..
  • Backward Compatible: One of the biggest fears about switching to SIP Trunking is having to replace incompatible hardware. Fortunately, this is a baseless fear that should not stop you from making the switch. SIP Trunking actually works with existing phone systems, plus it can be used to integrate new technologies to your communications suite. For example, SIP Trunking works really well with Cloud PBX. It integrates well with our Unified
    Communications as a Service (UCaaS) as well.
  • Transitioning to the Future: Backward and forward compatibility are both beneficial because they allow you to ease into the use of new technologies without completely replacing your existing systems. VisionVoice’s Elastic SIP Trunking is a service designed to be flexible and adaptable, regardless of your specific needs and budget.
  • Access to SIP Pooling: For a business with multiple locations, SIP Pooling is the next technology to adopt. It pools your SIP trunks across all locations, giving you more flexibility when managing your lines. A business with 10 locations and a peak concurrent call capacity of 40 would need to invest in 400 trunks when using conventional connections. That is not the case with SIP Pooling since trunks for multiple locations can be pooled as one unified resource. Rather than paying for 400 trunks, you can maintain the same level of effectiveness with around 250 to 300 trunks. That’s a substantial amount of money waiting to be saved as soon as you start using SIP trunks. Make the switch today and enjoy the cost-benefits we discussed in this article.
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How Can You Save Even More with SIP Pooling?

SIP pooling is a great cost-saver if your business has multiple locations. Rather than provision to peak demand at each location, you can “pool” concurrent call sessions across multiple sites, which reduces the total number of SIP trunks required.

For example, if your company has 10 locations that each require a peak call capacity of 40 concurrent calls, you typically would require 400 total SIP Trunks. Most likely many of those trunks would be underutilized, so you’d end up paying for more SIP Trunks that you really need. But with SIP pooling, capacity is allocated at a companywide level, which saves you money by more effectively distributing calling resources across the entire business.

Your 10-location company with 400 trunks likely would be able to reduce its SIP Trunk count to around 260. Depending on the price of each trunk, that could save anywhere from £2,000 to £4,000 monthly.

With savings like this it’s no wonder the SIP Trunking market is expected to top 53 million trunks by 2021, according to researchers at IHS Market.
Keep in mind that not all SIP Trunking services are equal. Many service providers don’t offer SIP pooling like VisionVoice does.

If you’re using an on-premises phone system and are interested in learning more about how SIP Trunking can save your company money, please reach out to us for help with a cost-benefit analysis. It’s fast and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how SIP Trunking can right size your communications spend.

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